Questionmark Perception

Welcome to the Wildau Challenge!

The following KnowledgeCheck in computer science is presented as a small interactive story in which you have to solve different tasks on the campus of TH Wildau with your virtual friend "Lea". To complete the tasks we recommend that you get involved in the story. This increases the fun and excitement factor and supports your motivation. For some tasks, it is helpful to use a pen and a piece of paper.

The KnowledgeCheck includes eight tasks that take between 30 and 40 minutes to complete. These are the tasks:
number systems, encryption, algorithm I (programming), logic gates, graphs, databases, state machines, and algorithm II (search procedures)

At the end of the KnowledgeCheck, you will receive a feedback of your performance in the individual tasks, as well as recommendations and advices for further study preparation.

We wish you a lot of fun!




You are disappointed. Your original plan was to visit the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (TH Wildau) together with your best friend Lea. Today is the University Open Day. Both of you are interested in technical subjects and thought that this day would be a good opportunity to get to know the TH Wildau and its various degree programmes. Unfortunately, you sprained your ankle yesterday and have to stay at home with a swollen and painful foot. So, there is no chance for your joint tour to Wildau today. But Lea promised to send lots of pictures of the campus to give you an impression of her day at the university. She should be arriving there any minute now. And sure enough, your mobile phone is buzzing. This will be her first message from Wildau: