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Grading test in preparation for mathematics required in degree programmes

Use this test to determine whether you should take a preparatory course in mathematics before starting your degree programme, or whether your knowledge of mathematics is already sufficient. The questions cover a range of mathematics topics, mostly from lower secondary education. Topics have been selected such that they are appropriate for all degree programmes, with the exception of tasks 9 and 10, which are important for scientific, technical and engineering programmes.

You have 45 minutes to complete the test.

You need 75% of the total marks available to pass. Please pay attention to your results in each of the topic areas. You should achieve 75% of the available marks in EACH area.


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Most degree programmes at this university require prior knowledge that is normally acquired up to the end of year 10 in Germany (GCSE level in the UK), as well as basic knowledge from the upper years of secondary education (Abitur or A level equivalent). With regard to this, how would you rate your knowledge of mathematics?